CD Title Label
Bernhard Ullrich Quartett „Swing-Zwang“ Egal-Records 85057
Trio Aida „Colours“ Shams-Records 10.070
Veterinary Street Jazz Band „Roll on, Mississippi, roll on“ Elite Spezial 73227
Veterinary Street Jazz Band „Do Something“ Elite Spezial 73425
Veterinary Street Jazz Band „15 Years“ Elite Spezial 73323
Orchester Ambros Seelos „Tanz-Gala 99“ Koch 324169
Willy Astor „The Sounds of Islands“
2001 BMG Ariola
Max Greger jr.Quintett Varia records CD 124.017
Mut vor zwölf 2007 Trainment GmbH
Changes CD 040 LC 12411 Downhill Records
Charly Antolini & his Band playin' THE BENNY GOODMAN STORY Prod.Nr.07007 LC 11794 Skinfire Records
Swing a la king LC 06073 CIPA 3024-2 City Park Records